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Anchorage , USA

Health and wellness expert Courtney Marchesani is a Hay House author of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive. She is a 200Hr Yoga Teacher, wellness educator, and certified health coach. She is an OmTimes Expert, herbalist, and public speaker on mind-body healing.


M.S. Mind-Body Medicine, Saybrook University
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Counselor/Coach,
Institute of Integrative Nutrition
B.A. Psychology, University of Montana

Experience and Distinctions

Mental health practitioner for over a decade, award-winning community advocacy, writer, blogger, and bhakti yogi.

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Sunday Aug 13, 2017
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Health Consutation    ($175)

Meet with Courtney one-on-one and discuss health and wellness concerns. Learn about Courtney's approach using integrative nutrition and share where you are in your personal health journey. Complete a comprehensive health history and establish a coaching plan to meet your goals.

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Join in this FREE herbal medicine class where Courtney discusses the traditional medicinal uses of arnica cordifolia a bright sunny plant from the sunflower family. Special features of this class: You'll learn how to make precious arnica oil for uses in muscular, joint, and minor sprains. You'll learn the steps fpr making the perfect salve.
Research has shown taking conscious control over dream states using guided imagery can transform nightmares, aid healing responses, and increase sports performance. Use gentle techniques drawn from Mind-Body Medicine to heal anxiety through dream states. You will: Work with current anxiety dreams that reflect issues in waking life Identify recurrent dreams that signal or forewarn you about anxiety Recognize physical reactions that are coupled with mental states Learn how to "incubate a dream" using guided imagery Understand hypnogogic images that spring from the subconcious Join Courtney Marchesani, an expert on sensitive reactions in the mind, body, and spirit, in this 3-series class and invigorate your night life, learn how to fear life less, and enjoy daily life more.
Are you often told that you are too sensitive? Can you intuit things before they happen? Are you an introvert who cares deeply about the people and places around you? Using a new and specialized framework for understanding empaths and sensitive individuals, integrative health coach Courtney demystifies the science of sensitivity to help you maximize your gifts of empathy, intuition, vision, and expression. Her insightful method will help you recognize where your strengths lie. During this class you will: Take the sensitivity test to determine you sensitive gift Learn the skills, strengths, and abilities your sensitivity affords Identify sensitivity reactions you may be experiencing Are you experiencing sensitivity reactions? You may need to heal from the past and current trauma affecting your sensory processing. Courtney will delve into the unique types of sensory processing each gift displays. THen you'll learn how to employ the coping skills needed to manage what can be an overwhelming onslaught of intense emotions and sensations. Allow your sensory intelligence to shine and relish your profound ability to connect with the world by recognizing and honoring your unique gift of sensitivity.
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