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Ever wonder what your guides have to say? The guides are wise helpers that are studying the earth plane with us. They are frequently helping us and showing up to help us, but sometimes they are difficult to hear. Join a group of curious, like-minded people and get some of your questions answered. During this time we will cover what it means to be in contact with the subtle energies fields and how guides work. I will then answer questions as they are submitted in the chat about guides and questions you might have directly to the guides. You will get to witness the power of tapping into the fields to create a space for healing. You can ask questions on your energy field health and we will also hear what else the guides would like to share with us during this time. There is a maximum of 8 attendees and each attendee will receive a 5 - 10-minute reading and find a connection while hearing messages others receive in the group as well. This will be a unique group experience, tailored to the attendees. Often times, as you come together in frequency, you find that you share similar issues and need the messages others get from their guides as well. This will be a unique group experience, tailored to the attendees. Often times, as you come together in frequency, you find that you share similar issues and need the messages others get from their guides as well.
Topic: Light in the Darkness - how we can connect to spiritual light in dark times. This 30 to 60 minute session will include a variety of techniques, mantras, and practices from various spiritual traditions, including Sufism, Christianity, and Vedic traditions. This is free for anyone who is a member of my Holistic Health community (no paid subscription is required) - you can join at to get the discount code! Otherwise, the cost is $5. Thank you!
Do you ever stop to think about the energy that your soul is absorbing and carrying? In years like 2020 (20/20), it may have been too much to think about. Last year was a tough one for so many, and for many different reasons. Did you know it was possible to cleanse your soul? You can. This is a guided meditation I created a few years ago to help people become consciously aware of what they've absorbed. Once we're aware, the cleansing can begin. I'll guide you on how. Join us and start getting the yuck out from 2020! Cost is only $15 for a meditation you can adjust for daily, weekly, or monthly cleansing. You do not need to turn on your microphone or camera. You can simply listen and follow along. If you're new to LearnItLive and you'd like to use your camera, it's best to use Google Chrome or Firefox Browsers.
We all know 2020 was intense, let’s hone our intentions for next year. Going into 2021 with clear intentions and affirmations to focus your mind, body, spirit, and hone in on what you want is more important than ever! The last year has been intense for a lot of us. It is the year of reset. Intention and Affirmations An intention is about applying thoughts towards what you want. Clarifying your intentions and honing in on how you want your life to be, allows your mind to focus and support you throughout the next year. Articulating your intentions creates space for manifesting your ideal state of being. An affirmation is about creating ongoing positive thought patterns and beliefs to sustain and optimize your intentions. The best affirmation is one that is stated in the present tense, includes an optimistic emotional influence, and specifies exactly what you want (not what you don’t). What to expect The workshop will remind you of your own energetic power. We will talk about using the energies already available to you, to enhance your goals and focus your attention so that you can begin to see lasting changes in your life. You will learn to focus your affirmations like pointing your sails in the wind. We will then draw oracle cards for February and write a strong intention and affirmation to kick off that month. We will then end the event with a group healing, opening up your giving and receiving channels, and sealing your up for an amazing February 2021. Please bring a journal and a positive attitude.
Deepen your spiritual awareness by developing skills facilitating your transformation! Energy Healing, Ancestral Clearing, Past Lives. These are the Foundation protocols for mining the Records and enjoying the benefits of this work. Experience the aliveness that can come through you as a result of your relationship with the Records. Topics Covered in this Class: -Energy Healing: Principles and Protocols for effective engagement in the Records -Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns: Find peace with your family of origin and release obstacles your magnificence -Past Lives: Make peace with who you have been in other times and places Note from Linda: Practitioner Certification and Advanced Practitioner Certification offers an elegant, effective way for you to support others spiritually, and nurture yourself at the same time! Reading the Records for others blesses both parties with Light and Grace. Through my groundbreaking Pathway Prayer Process, an Akashic Records reading offers a beautiful clarity, allowing a person to see beyond old ideas and walls of confusion and misunderstanding -- and to deeply know essential, eternal truths.
Shelley Hofberg
Spirituality > Tarot
Start: Feb 01, 2021 at 09:00 pm EST
Mondays beg. Dec. 7th 6-8 pm PST 9 - 11 pm EST The tarot was Shelley Hofberg’s first divination tool that she taught herself to use at age 16. As a skilled ‘clairvoyant,’ Shelley has always been able to see pictures and images in her mind’s eye. This is what attracted her to the tarot. In this ‘Tarot Class’ with Shelley, you will explore esoteric wisdom that comes from the collective consciousness of universal symbols on the tarot cards. These universal symbols speak the language of images and pictures that can be interpreted through your higher senses of seeing, feeling and knowing. You will also gain insight about numerology and astrology. You will discover about both the astrological and numerological connections of the tarot. This will give you deeper understanding of the symbolic meaning that shows up when using these divination tools. In the group workshop, we will be reading for ourselves and others, as well as creating a tarot journal to record our insights. I will be providing and outline of this course Please get the waite rider tarot deck Questions? Shelly ( 818) 744-5241
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In this class you will build upon activating and anchoring in your higher dimensional energy system to support your Golden 12 strand DNA activation. You will learn and practice working with your Merkabah (light body), and your higher spiritual chakras. You will learn about and use sacred numbers, sacred geometry. We will work on manifestation and embodying yourself as the creator of your life.
with Anne G angel Tuesdays 7 – 9 pm PST per class Eight Week Certification Class. Start any Tuesday $30 $24 for members The Angel Intuitive Card classes are ( 8 classes for a certificate )each course will be designed in such a way that a the classes can be taken in any order and students can begin at any point in the course rotation. We all have amazing gifts and intuition And we all have many beautiful angels guiding us on our spiritual path. Let me help you shine and tap into your gifts and reveal the angel in you. Angel cards are beautiful cards that can help us connect with the angelic realm and higher spirit. They will teach you how to trust your intuition and will guide you and give you encouragement along your divine path. They will also help you tap into the beautiful angelic realm and will help you to read angel cards clearly and with confidence. She will also teach you how to protect your beautiful energy so you don’t over extend your energy, maintaining balance and mindfulness. fun exercises will include incorporating crystals and healing oils into your readings. Questions? [email protected] Testimonial: I completed Anne Gangel’s Angel Card class recently. I attended in-person and over Zoom. I had a wonderful experience. I wanted to highly recommend her and the class. I learned so much from her. Each class was different and interesting. But always inspiring and uplifting. She is an amazing teacher and a very gifted intuitive reader. She treated each student with compassion and kindness. Her class really helped me develop my intuition. I learned so much from her and can now read Angel Cards well as a result of taking it. It was really a magical learning experience. Just wanted to share that with you! Thank you. Best regards, Sheila For the past 8 weeks I have taken the Angel Card Reading course from Anne Gangel and all I can say is WOW…She is fantastic. Every class has been informative and insightful, she has really helped me establish and open up my inner spirituality, I always had intentions for this type of openness, however with her guidance and support, Ive been able to really tap into my inner “light worker” self. Ive been giving accurate readings not only in homework but with actual clients who have hired me for intuitive card readings..I would not have had the confidence to the had it not been for Anne. She is a gift and I look forward to many more classes from her. ~Michael D. Jones Ann and her card readings are absolutely the best! I’ve gone to see her more times than I can remember and every single time she nails it! I plan on seeing her again in the future, no doubt about it. I would highly recommend! Five stars! ���������� ~ Crystal S. _______________________________________ Ann’e, is a true Angelic treasure, an unconditional helper, holistic healer, who has a pure heart of gold. She has gifted me with magical insights, guiding lights, and golden messages from our beloved spirits, ones that have inspired new possibilities from love within me. I highly endorse Ann’e, an amazing Angel Card channeler, to bless you with her special connection within our universe. Even if you are skeptical, she may provide a fresh perspective, and guide you in ways to enhance and optimize your present, future, or life path destiny. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for you are one of few beautiful lights that have touched me deploy in my lifetime that I hold in such high regard! ~ Helena
More than a resolution...Let Akashic Light empower inspired manifestation. Identify your destiny, soul's purposes and obstacles. Clear obstructions, find freedom and manifest your truth. Be supercharged with meaning, purpose and fulfillment.
Add divine grace to your tarot readings by incorporating an angel reading. I'll show you how to tap into the angels for messages, and how to use your tarot or oracle cards for additional information. Expand. Grow. Evolve. My classes are open and non-judgmental. They're loving and supportive. Come join us!
Goldilocks was a Buddhist; she practiced the Middle Way. Not too hot, not too cold, was the name of her game ... ~ Barefoot Bran Music on Bandcamp Goldilocks in "The "Three Bears" faces the archetypal dilemma of soul in the human experience: how to find a "just right" balance between extremes to get your needs met. What if the human experience is a schoolroom of such learning, inviting us to perform a "just right" balance between extreme responses; such as, anger~apathy? Goldilocks has no inner critic here. She's not penalized for any wrong choices. Nor is she praised for her final “good” choice. Bears do not eat her; they simply watch. The story affirms she is a self-propelled problem solver. she is ready willing, able and wanting to do personal experiments, to get her needs met. The Goldilocks Games is no more nor less than a playful game of choosing healthy middle ground again and again, as best we can. We are ALL playing the Goldilocks game. This is a talk and INTERACTION class to listen and support each other to play the Goldilocks Game better. Bring a journal. Everyone will be challenged to to tell the Three Bears story in 60 seconds or less.
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This particular class is a multi-dimensional remote healing with Lady Venus, Lady Venus represents the Angel of Venus, the higher consciousness of the Planet Venus and all that she represents. The Hathor’s are interdimensional beings of Light. These two are higher multi-dimensional aspects of myself. This class takes place on all levels, through all dimensions, across time. You will experience: Intention Prayer, Sacred Sound, Guided Meditation, Connection with Lady Venus and the Hathors of Multi-dimensional healing, and Remote Energy Healing. Please have water handy and be in a comfortable space where you will not be interrupted. Remember when working with the higher energies its important to stay hydrated to help process, integrate, and upgrade with the energies coming through.
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