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Most people think they want a bunch of money, a big house, the ideal family, and a job they wake up each morning and are excited to go to. And of course all these things sound amazing. But deep down, what do you really need to be happy? To find your place in the world, to find that all elusive sense of purpose? The key to manifesting the life you want, is asking the right questions. Instead of saying “I want money.”, you ask yourself, “What will the money bring me that I don’t already have?” Instead of saying “I want another job.”, you ask yourself “What talent do I have that would bring me a creative outlet, make a difference, allow me to shine, and that stays true to my convictions?” If you only ask for a new job, then you will get a new job. It might be the exact job you currently have, wrapped up in a prettier bow. If you say you want more money, maybe you get more money by the death of a loved one. Did that money then make you happy? I invite you to explore the beautiful world of manifesting with me. I am offering a FREE 1 hour class on Jan 5th, at 7pm PST. In this hour we will go over how to ask for what you want, and how to discover what will truly make you happy.
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