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Ekta Singh
Health & Wellness > Healthy Eating
Start: Jan 29, 2021 at 12:00 pm EST
A classic "Raisins & Carrot Cake" with no dairy, eggs or artificial flavors. Mildly sweet, perfect to share with friends and family. Very satisfying to eat when sweet craving hits.
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Learn about Beyond Broth...Organic plant based nourishment that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Today you will learn to make the Best Sweet Potato Soup Ever!
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During this global crisis it is important stay healthy. Intermittent fasting not only can help you lose weight, it can also be very beneficial to your bodies overall health and longevity. What you will learn: What is intermittent fasting? Learn what is intermittent fasting is and why today it is becoming so popular What are the health benefits of intermittent fasting and what it can do for you? Weight loss, anti-aging, brain health and autophagy are some of the key intermittent fasting health benefits you will explore. Preparing for intermittent fasting Hear suggestions on how prepare what you eat and drink before and after the fast. Intermittent fasting do's and don't Share recommendations on crucial do's and don'ts before during and after a fast.
Lisa Boesen
Health & Wellness > Healthy Eating
Recorded: Mar 09, 2020 at 10:45 am EST
Achieving a primarily plant-based lifestyle can be daunting. What might a plant-based lifestyle look like for YOU? Many people ask - What do I eat? How do I start? What if I fail? In this 45-minute session, participants will: - Describe the components recommended for a plant-based lifestyle - Evaluate support systems and strategies to be successful - Receive a comprehensive 44-page tool to take a two-week test drive with plant-based eating
Plant slant, plant-based, vegan and more. There are so many concepts - you may feel overwhelmed! Let's take the fear out! In this 45-minute session participants will: - Review the most popular plant-based theories - Listen to a personal story of transforming to a primarily plant-based eating plan - Receive valuable self-assessment questions to determine your readiness to make a change
Join us for the only module for the Plant Identification portion of The Dancing Herbalist's Home Herbalist Study Program. This four hour course will give you the skills to use a flora or other plant identification text to identify plants local to you that can be used for your own medicine or other uses. We will not be discussing any medicinal uses of plants in this class, nor will we be solely focusing on identifying medicinal plants. We will however be focusing on identifying plants in North America. The techniques used in this class can be used for identifying plants on other continents. We will be presenting this whole 4 hour course on one day in multiple segments. Please be aware that all segments are on the same day. Segment 1 will focus on plant parts necessary for identification. This terminology will be essential for the remaining segments. Segment 2 will focus on the use of Newcomb's Wildflower Guide to learn the basics of using a plant identification key. This book is recommended to purchase prior to the class but is not necessary to participate. We will also be using an advanced plant identification 'flora' (identification book) to sample more complicated identification techniques. We will be using 'Plants of Pennsylvania' for our sample flora text. Segment 3 will focus on plant families that are commonly used in herbal medicine and what features of these plants are commonly used to identify them. Join us live, practice identification of fun and interesting plants, and learn some new tools you may not have yet known to make sure you are reaching for the best medicine. Recommended Text: Newcomb's Wildflower Guide; A flora of your local region to use after the class
This class will look at some of your favorite meals at home, how to cook them, and what you can do to alter the dish to make it a healthier option for yourself and your family. This class is packed with easy tips that are quick and will get you exploring more food and herbal seasoning options in a way that is simple and reasonable for a beginner wellness advocate. This class is brought to you free thanks to our Free Herbal Study Program funded through our Patreon. Be sure to stop by and become a patron if you feel that the information from this class is valid and should continue to be developed and shared. Topics discussed in this class will include: *Cooking skills *Meal Planning *Foods that can be added to your meal to make a more balanced meal *Herbs and spices that can be added to your meal for flavor and medicinal value
Join us to break down our digestive system, common digestive upsets, and herbs that can be used to support healthy digestive function. This is an excellent introduction if you are looking to go more in depth in learning about herbal medicine. We will focus on how each herb can be used and why you may want to choose one over another for your digestive upsets.
Jillian Carnrick
Health & Wellness > Healthy Eating
Recorded: Sep 26, 2017 at 07:40 pm EST
Fire Cider is an excellent herbal product first created by the beautiful herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. Now, we all share this lovely medicine with each other to help our digestion, circulation, and general wellness. The first session we will discuss the many ingredients that can go into your home made fire cider. Be sure to pick these up so during session two you can join us and make your own with us. During session three we will demonstrate how to finish the processing of your fire cider and offer a variety of ways you can use this lovely medicine in your daily life. Fire cider is currently being persecuted by an organization in the mid-west. Be sure to sign the petition at to help us continue to provide fire cider to our community as a healthy medicinal product.
Our kitchens are filled to the brim with foods, herbs, and minerals that we eat regularly. These are not just for nutrition and sustenance. These ingredients all can effect our physiology and help us to heal, strengthen, and support our bodies. This full class looks at four different areas of kitchen medicine beginning with how our normal foods can change our physiology and how different colors of foods contain different molecules we can focus on eating for different healing benefits. Session two continues to look at how we can use these same foods, herbs, and minerals to help prevent getting sick. We then finish with session three and break down how we can get through a cold or flu using just the items in our kitchens. This class is offered free thanks to The Dancing Herbalist's free herbal learning program. If you have found this program valuable, please consider donating that value to our program so we can continue to grow our free class offerings. This can be done by visiting this website:
"Feeling fat" keeps you from living your life. You try diet after diet, fueled by a barrage of negative self-talk and motivated by pictures of impossibly skinny, photo-shopped supermodels—but it always ends in disappointment. And as each diet fails, you beat yourself up and jump back on the dieting hamster wheel. You think you need a new diet, but what you really need is to let go of the 5 Fattitudes that are keeping you stuck. Because the truth is, "feeling fat" is your biggest problem. It turns positive, healthy choices into punishments for not being perfect. Rather than channeling energy into the willpower you need, you waste it on beating yourself up. Learn how to stop these Fattitudes in their tracks. In this class, I'll teach you how to shift your mentality and tackle your diet and exercise regimen with empowerment, grace and the stamina to keep going.
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Meg O'Rourke
Health & Wellness > Healthy Eating
Recorded: Jan 15, 2013 at 08:00 pm EST
With all the so called "diet tips" out there, nobody even knows what to put in their mouths anymore. Stop counting, weighing, and measuring your food! Learn to increase your overall health and metabolism in this healthy-eating discussion group, led by Registered Dietician Meg O'Rourke. Stop wasting your time and money on restrictive plans, and learn the truth about health and weight loss in a fun, friendly, and informative forum.
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