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Anne G angel shows you how to tap into your intuition in a very fun, interactive way using Angel Cards, crystals, and other techniques. By using ancient techniques and spiritual guidance, you can more quickly build highly useful intuition to help you make important decision during challenging times. Gain higher guidance to positively shift your focus in those areas where you need it the most – relationships, life purpose, forgiveness, career, abundance, health and wellness.
Carol Quinn
Spirituality > Healing
Recorded: Nov 16, 2020 at 09:00 pm EDT
Come take a journey with us through your natal (birth) chart and learn astrology as you uncover your soul's path for you in this lifetime. Through a series of selected topics and basic astrological principles, we will help you connect "the stars" in your chart in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of self, as well as a clearer view of how to use your chart in a way that allows you to work with the timing and unfolding of your purpose. We will also discover and be shown how to follow the thread of joy that ties it all together. Spirit will join use for additional insights and messages during each class. A new natal Chart will be provided for your use.
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Existing research has shown that color can impact people in a variety of surprising ways, Using the art and science of Feng Shui with the psychology of color can dramatically change your environment and your life. Colors can make us feel happy or sad, and they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. During this amazing course, you will learn how, and why color plays a significant role in our homes, offices, and surroundings. Knowing this information will allow you to create the mood, the energy, and the behaviors needed to have the life and destiny you deserve. What You Will Learn: - The symbolism of color - How the vibration of color can uplift you, your vibration, and your health - What colors to use for healing, dating, and finance - Your personal birth color and how to use it
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Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine and Founder of the TOLPAKANâ„¢ Healing Method, an energy healing method that quickly discerns the foundational issues surrounding a health challenge and then directs high vibrational healing. As a mentor/trainer/healer, she helps Sensitive Souls feeling overwhelm, overstimulated and overtired to feeling calm, confident and connected. Her passion is helping them harness their superpowers, express their Soul's Mission, and create Joy in the process.
Janet Woods Msc.D is an internationally recognized bestselling co-author, award-winning speaker, and social media personality in the area of Asian Metaphysics and Neuro-Design. Her professional mission is to help people flourish in all aspects of their lives through self-discovery and exploration of their personal, professional, and social needs using their space as a catalyst for manifesting positive change in their lives. Her work is based on a deep understanding of the ways in which energy and consciousness work together in the transformational process of living the life of their dreams. Janet has influenced the way interior environmental design is viewed by some of the most respected professionals in the area of interior design. She receives high accolades from her clients as one of the most dynamic and compelling experts in the area of motivational living spaces. Janet is on staff at Cerritos Community College Continuing Education Department and a former advisory member of the School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences. HeartSpace OC, and Director of the Institute of Asian Metaphysics.
Anné G angel is a Certified Angel Intuitive Psychic Reader and Healer. She is also a medium, clairvoyant, channel, teacher and crystal healing master. Anné provides angel messages during her intuitive psychic readings. Anné utilizes her empathic gifts to work with the angels and speak through spirit. – she is the vessel for receiving clear guided messages to help support and validate you on your spiritual journey. This includes all areas of your life. including: Love and romance, friendships ,life purpose, past lives, forgiveness, career, money and abundance, letting go and cutting cords that no longer serve you. She has studied with well known healers such has Doreen Virtue and James Von Prague. And has been reading angel cards since 2005. She will also help prescribe or recommend the healing crystal needed to help support your spiritual awakening and will incorporates specific healing crystals during your angel intuitive reading.
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