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with Janet Woods, Msc.D.  Sunday January 24 at 11 am FREE Class Chinese Astrology is a powerful ancient art and science. The purpose of Chinese astrology is to help people achieve their goals through self-awareness and continuous advances of the mind and soul. The purpose of Feng Shui is to control the energy of a space, to promote health, wealth and happiness. Through the study of a person's personal Chinese horoscope, important aspects of their personality and destiny can be revealed. Chinese Astrology can help you discover an appropriate and joyful way of life. Combining astrology with Feng Shui can also be a tool, which allows you to make choices to support your life path. This talk is a combination of several schools of astrology and Feng Shui.  The schools are not well known in the West, yet used daily in the Asian community. The information will give you more insight about your souls’ purpose, and who you are being in the world, and achieve your dreams.
Shelly J. Miller
Spirituality > Healing
Recorded: Jan 22, 2021 at 10:00 pm EDT
Free Class Friday January 22, 2020 6 - 7 PM Pacific Time,  9 -10 PM Eastern Psychic, Medium Shelly J. Miller will talk about Conscious Manifestation in these changing times,  where we must become  aware of the Transcendent and our true essence to find our happiness.  Shelly will talk about how to release negative thinking and limiting patterns of belief, raising your vibration and align yourself with the Source of All Supply and the Spiritual Realm to manifest what is meant for you in all areas of your life.  Don’t miss this deeper dive into Being vs. Doing to allow what is yours to come to you with greater ease, and to assist your Spiritual Awakening. Questions?  [email protected] 
This is an Almost Free Class When this class is facilitated the Grand Convergence will have been put into play. This is the time for the teachers to gather. You will be welcomed to gather online with your rattles and drums etc. for the calling spirit in. Then a quiet meditation. A talk will proceed that will be relevant to the group, with an open question posed for group discussion from your life experiences, a form of storytelling. The closing will be a prayer of thanks.
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Janet Woods Msc.D is an internationally recognized bestselling co-author, award-winning speaker, and social media personality in the area of Asian Metaphysics and Neuro-Design. Her professional mission is to help people flourish in all aspects of their lives through self-discovery and exploration of their personal, professional, and social needs using their space as a catalyst for manifesting positive change in their lives. Her work is based on a deep understanding of the ways in which energy and consciousness work together in the transformational process of living the life of their dreams. Janet has influenced the way interior environmental design is viewed by some of the most respected professionals in the area of interior design. She receives high accolades from her clients as one of the most dynamic and compelling experts in the area of motivational living spaces. Janet is on staff at Cerritos Community College Continuing Education Department and a former advisory member of the School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences. HeartSpace OC, and Director of the Institute of Asian Metaphysics.
Amaya Victoria is a healer, channel, writer, facilitator of ceremonies, healing circles and spiritual development classes for adults and children, who also offers teaching specifically for the teachers and the healers. Born gifted and graced with the ability to see, hear, and walk with spirit, she is a powerful healer who uses energy as well as indigenous practices, and sound. Amaya is also a clear channel for the divine oracles known as: Isaiah and the Group, and offers group or individual channeling. Amaya's energy is very cathartic, causing movement and change whether she is channeling, facilitating a healing session, or teaching a workshop or class. For over 40 years Amaya has had the honor to help thousands of people transform the pivot point of their suffering into the pivot point into their freedom.   With great kindness and compassion, Amaya helps others remember they are deeply loved. "I am profoundly grateful and honored to serve." ~ Amaya Victoria's ;There is a magnificence in each of us. This magnificence is eternal. This is our birthright, for magnificence is within all things large and small."~ Amaya Victoria
Doctor of philosophy in integral health Ph.D., MBA from National University. Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) from the American Association of Drugless Practitioner AADP, Member ANMA (American Naturopathic Medical Association). I have been in holistic health practice since 2005. I have created custom holistic Medicine integrated protocols for arthritis, headaches, pain, stress, sleep, cancer, COPD, Diabetes, weight loss, and more… I have been part of faculty & invited speaker at medical conferences in India since 2007. (AICOG, ASCO, IMSCON, SAFOG) My topics have been the holistic approach to treating cancer patients, holistic approach to midlife, Holistic Approach to Gut Health, Holistic Approach to women’s health, and stress management workshops. I have also organized events in USA & been part of holistic expos as a speaker. In San Diego, I was part of UCSD CIIMS group. I am a member of AADP, ANMA, NPA, and other organizations. I use non-intrusive biotechnology that helps to focus on subtle stressors that may be causing health problems. I generate customized specific therapy and supplement plan for each Client. By combining quantum physics, biology, information theory, non-invasive evaluations, therapies, and holistic modalities, I can provide an integral regiment for health-wellness-disease management. I use Zyto Biocommunication software, Heart Rate Variability Pulse evaluation, and Bio Regulation Therapy to help me provide an interface between my Clients living systems and computers- allowing them to talk to each other and create a plan based on what their body is communicating on energy level, and showing as a symptom on the physical level. Modalities I use are Ayurveda, Clinical Aromatherapy, Herbs and Nutrition, Homeopathy, Energy Healing, Breath-yoga-meditation, Kinesio tape, Reflexology-Acupressure. My approach is customized consultation and therapy for You- Scan-Plan-Protocol.
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