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Learn to manage your emotions in a skillful way as you bring your life into alignment with your greater purpose. 1.Body Sensations & Emotions - Learn how your emotions work in your body at a physical level. Learn the difference between feeling and emotion. Learn to dissolve emotions by using your witness capacity. 2. Triggers - Learn how to observe rather than to react to daily triggers. Triggers are simply involuntary body sensations. You will no longer be at the mercy of your triggers. 3. Unwinding Emotions - What are your triggers really all about? They almost always trace back to early childhood experiences. Our process will help you understand 'what happened' from a new Cognitive-Emotional perspective. 4. Addictions - An addiction is anything you use to avoid feeling your emotions. Almost everyone has something. Learn how you use these behaviors and how to make different choices, not by resisting the behavior, but by fully feeling and releasing the underlying emotions.
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As we collectively are experiencing unprecedented uncertainty and stress, our mental & physical wellbeing are greatly impacted. Chronic stress depletes our immune system's ability to fight off illness and heal. Stress also bi-directionally impacts our mood and can create dysregulation in our nervous systems. In this educational session, you will learn empowering evidence-based, trauma-informed, Integrative Medicine strategies to boost your mood, immune & nervous systems to reduce your stress and improve your overall wellbeing. The root-causes of our mood, immune & nervous system imbalances will also be shared.
Lets discuss what the Yamas and Niyamas are and why they are important for us to understand and the benefits of applying them to our every day lives.
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We are here to change the world. The Wellness Universe is a community of individuals who make the world a better place through their support of health, wellness and well-being for mind, body, spirit, personal and professional development and environmental wellness. The seven areas of wellness are: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social & Spiritual. From people offering support, to products that improve the betterment of your life, the environment, animals, awareness and education, we here at The Wellness Universe strive to find the best of those resources and list them in a directory for you. Join Us as a Practitioner of Wellness (WU World Changer) or as a Registered User (WU Friend) https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/join/
David Michael Hollander E-RYT-500, has been a student of yoga for 30 years. His philosophy is that every person can benefit from a devoted practice no matter what the physical condition. David first practiced Ashtanga Yoga in 1998 and journeyed to Mysore to study with Patthabhi Jois in 2003. Returning to Mysore on numerous trips, David had the opportunity to study with a variety of teachers and explore the rich cultural traditions of spiritual India.
We will lovingly create unique and inspiring classes that integrate a variety of Yoga traditions. These will keep the flow of energy and health moving in your body and mind. We are passionate about bringing to you our knowledge of Yoga and wellness..
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