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Monthly Oracle Check-in with Leanne Holitza, energy healer and intuitive guide, for the month of April. We will kick off the event with a collective oracle spread of what is coming for all of us in the month. Then, if you would like a reading, please type “Me Please" in the comments section during the event and I will pull a card for you for the month of April and give you a mini-reading. I will get to as many people as I can during our 45 minutes together. We will conclude with three cards to choose from for those who didn't get a card or are watching it later.
As we collectively are experiencing unprecedented uncertainty and stress, our mental & physical wellbeing are greatly impacted. Chronic stress depletes our immune system's ability to fight off illness and heal. Stress also bi-directionally impacts our mood and can create dysregulation in our nervous systems. In this educational session, you will learn empowering evidence-based, trauma-informed, Integrative Medicine strategies to boost your mood, immune & nervous systems to reduce your stress and improve your overall wellbeing. The root-causes of our mood, immune & nervous system imbalances will also be shared.
This is must for anyone looking to lead and create events at Learn It Live. Get the insider tips for running, marketing, and generating revenue & distribution for your classes. Also, it's the best place to ask questions LIVE from a member of the LiL team!
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As a leadership and team-building trainer, Allan has developed and delivered programs to colleges, universities, hospitals, and the corporate world. He has mentored entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior management from some of North America�s top-ranked companies. He is also a popular media personality and commentator in Canada and the United States, having hosted a nationally syndicated business radio show on the Talk America radio network. As a speaker he has addressed thousands across Canada and the United States, and captured a worldwide audience through his web-related media appearances. Allan gained his knowledge through first-hand experience as a business owner, �serial� entrepreneur, CEO, manager, leadership expert, teacher, writer, and broadcaster. He delivers his life lessons with both passion and humor � helping others to create that all-important balance between all the elements of one�s life. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Allan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Montana. He went on to graduate school and shortly thereafter began a long career with the Big Brothers organization. Later he assumed senior administrative positions in advancement with the Universities of British Columbia and Alberta. Allan is a pioneer in the fund development industry, having founded two professional associations. He is the author of the revolutionary book �Zentrepreneurism: A 21st Century Guide to the New World of Business�. And his new e-book, �Zentrepreneurism 3.0� The Inner Game Of Conscious Business. His highly acclaimed speaking presentations on �Creating Passion, Purpose and Profits with Integrity� have gained national attention. His website has become a forum for the world-wide growth of the Zentrepreneurism movement. http://www.zentrepreneurism.com Allan is the Founder, CEO, and Executive Producer of Conscious Planet Radio, the first all digital radio network with a mandate to provide a media platform, connecting broadcasters from around the world with a collective voice for positive change. http://www.consciousplanetradio.com
Anas Shoqar is a pedagogist and certified English instructor at The Modern Language Center, Amman, where he teaches English to students and employees of different ages and levels. Along with teaching, he acts as an IR (independent representative) of Qnet, one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies worldwide, enriching his experience in Business, particularly in Network Marketing, Direct Selling and E-commerce. He has translated for television channels and written articles for Newzy.net; an online luxury magazine for the Middle East. Moreover, he worked as a commercial correspondent in two trading companies in addition to acting as a facilitator for refugee services at the UNHCR. Among his personal non-academic interests are basketball, accordion, and kickboxing.
I have a passion for broadcasting...not just radio broadcasting but areas of voice work. Over the years my passion has evolved into teaching others how to use their voice professionally in podcasting, hosting webinars, voicing marketing videos. My journey in broadcasting has been a great experience and now I want to pass my secrets of success on to you.
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