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Doctor of philosophy in integral health Ph.D., MBA from
National University. Board Certified Holistic Health
Practitioner (HHP) from the American Association of
Drugless Practitioner AADP, Member ANMA (American
Naturopathic Medical Association). I have been in holistic
health practice since 2005. I have created custom holistic
Medicine integrated protocols for arthritis, headaches, pain,
stress, sleep, cancer, COPD, Diabetes, weight loss, and
I have been part of faculty & invited speaker at medical
conferences in India since 2007. (AICOG, ASCO, IMSCON,
SAFOG) My topics have been the holistic approach to ...See All

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Hi, I'm 34 years old, living in central Poland, working in a hospital - internal medicine. I'm quite new to spirituality but super excited about it since about 3 years. Up till my early 30'es I was an atheist and totally rational thinker. Then some life turbulences changed that. The top 3 books that changed my view of life are: (random order) - The Ascention Papers, book 1 by Zingdad - Conversations with God and the rest of his books by N.D.Walsch - Awakening by Anthony de Mello
Lodz, POL
Ongoing life learner.. to joining like-minded people who aspire to be "modern elders" (Chip Conley's phrase from his book, "Wisdom at Work:"). Note to all affectionate kickers out there! -> Need help with jump-starting my writing, photography, and artistry! I welcome your advise!!:) Would like to create an annex in Southeastern Ontario area for those interested in exploring Human Metaphysics, etc., and meeting others who wish to normalize spirituality. There are 2 great kids in my life: one who is here in Earth School, alongside of me, with her own lesson plans. She still takes time out to spend time with me - poor kid! The other is back Home in spirit. He is methodical, prankish, and humourous. He bangs on the goldfish bowl occasionally to challenge the mindsets we hold here, and encourages growth in consciousness.
Kingston, ON, CAN
The Tarot was Shelley's first divination tool she taught herself at age 16. As a gifted clairvoyant Shelley has always been able to see pictures and images in her mind eye. the pictures on the tarot cards are intrepid though her higher psychic senses of seeing, feeling, and knowing. Shelley teaches the tarot for those who want a deeper insight into themselves and the future.
Laguna Hills, USA