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Guided Meditation - 3/24/20 @ 8am
Sleep - 3/24/20
Guided Meditation - 3/25/20 @ 8am
Chair Yoga - 3/25/20 - 11am
Growing in Self-Compassion - 3/26/20
The Power of Positivity - 3/26/20
Creativity - 3/27/20
Guided Meditation - 3/30/20 @ 8am
Guided Meditation - 3/31/20 @ noon
Chair Yoga - 3/31/20 - 11:30am
Mindfulness for the Workplace - 3/24-4/7 @ 12:30pm
Guided Meditation - 4/1/20 @ 8am
Guided Meditation Tuesdays - 4/7/20-5/5/20 @ 8am
Finding Joy in Movement - 4/7/20
Stress Management Tools - 4/9/20
Making it Stick - 4/10 - 12pm
Myth Busters - 4/13/20
Power of Positivity - 4/14/20 @ noon
Diet Approaches - 4/15/20
Mindfulness for the Workplace - 4/14-4/28 - 4pm
Chair Yoga - 4/20/20-10/12/20 - 8:00am
Healthy Boundaries - 4/20/20
Time Management Strategies - 4/21/20
Mindfulness for the Workplace - 5/4-5/18 - 4pm
Anxiety - 5/5/20
Diet Approaches - 9/22/20
Happiness Boosters - 5/19/20
Chair Yoga - 5/6/20-10/26/20 - noon
How to Stay Fit When You Sit - 5/26/20
Mat Yoga - 5/27-10/13 7am
More than a Job: Vocation and our Relationship Work - 5/28/20
Declutter Your Brain - 6/2/20
Healthy Aging - 6/8/20
Mat Yoga - 5/12-12/29 4pm
Creating Joy Through Humor and Laughter - 6/12/20
Emotional Awareness - 6/15
Intro to Mindfulness - 6/23/20
Exercise Dance Party Fitness Class with Diane
Anxiety - 7/17
Group Strength Trianing Fitness Class with Diane
Guided Meditation - 4/6-9/29 - 3:30pm
Resilient Caregiving and Leadership - 7/23/20
Mindful Eating - 7/27
Sleep 1/25/21-2/8/21
Self Compassion 1/26/2021-2/9/2021
Boundaries 1/27/2021-2/10/2021
Happiness 1/27/2021-2/10/2021
Mat Yoga - 5/12-12/29 4pm
Mat Yoga - 5/12-12/29 4pm
Mat Yoga - 5/12-12/29 4pm
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I was born and raised in Triest, Italy and have lived and worked in Canada since 2011. My healing praxis has its roots in science. The principles and new discoveries of Quantum Physics pushed me to investigate the nature of the Human Biofield and its relationship with the immune system. From 2012 to 2017, through academic studies and practical training, I have developed my own style in Biofield Therapy and Space Clearing. The feedback I have received and the results obtained during my training period motivated me to embrace Biofield Healing and Space Clearing full-time after working for twenty-nine years in the Fine Art industry as an Advisor. I am also a certified Holistic Life Coach, Insomnia Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Relaxation Therapist, and Nutritional Advisor. Principles and techniques of these disciplines are an integral part of my energy practice and allow me to build a very unique relationship with my clients. I am a member of the Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIED).
I help women and men of all shapes, sizes and ages move better, while building strength and confidence to live a life that they love through the use of the Pilates method focusing on the coordination of mind, body and spirit.
Mora Babineau, Co-owner, studio47 pilates (www.studio47pilates.com) Head Equipment, Mat & Barre Instructor Mora is a fully certified Pilates instructor in both Pilates Mat and Equipment. She received her Pilates Mat Certification in 2009 and her Pilates Equipment Certification in 2011 through The PhyscialMind Institute, New York, NY. Mora most recently received her Reformer Certification through Balanced Body, after completing the challenging bridge program. Mora is a fully certified bootybarre Instructor, and has also completed BarSculpt levels I and II. As a former dancer and dance teacher, Mora loves Pilates because it challenges clients to make a mind/body connection. Clients love Mora's classes for her energy and motivation.
Gretchen has been teaching yoga, meditation, and spirituality for the last 20 years and has been an energy healer since 2008. She has spent the last two decades studying with and sitting at the feet of many masters from many modalities and infuses that knowledge into her teaching. Besides yoga, she is certified in Akashic Record Reading, Reiki Usui, Reiki Seichem, and Sontre'. Everything in existence is energy. When we know how to use it more consciously, we can change not only ourselves but the world around us. She is co-founder, facilitator, and author of Inner Knowledge, a yoga and mindfulness training program for educators.
Hello! My name is Kurt and I am here to help guide you through this adventure called Life. I spent the first part of my life living co-dependently: either people pleasing to gain acceptance or whatever other behavior was required to gain approval. When that didn’t work, I became an expert at running away from my problems, numbing out, or distracting myself through a variety of addictions such as over-thinking, relationships and other substances. It wasn’t a bad life, but it was a repetitive cycle that kept me feeling small and limited. I have spent the last 20 years undoing myself from the entanglement of my old conditioning and patterns so that I could find a path of my own to share with others. I have used the study of energy medicine and many different emotional/mental healing techniques to help me take responsibility for myself and apply them to my stress, incessant thoughts and emotional wounding. It has helped me to take my power back, find peace with Life and step into a more authentic expression of myself who is a highly sensitive, empathic man. Because of this journey, I feel that I can better help others understand and break free from the limits of the conditioned mind, embrace and safely process the deeply felt emotions that have been stored and stuffed in the subconscious, and share simple tools that help promote stronger personal energy. With this I have co created, Inner Journeys - a home based healing center located in Sedona , Arizona. You can find me there at: http://www.sedona-spiritualretreats.com
Laila Howard is a former ballerina turned yogi. She began her yoga career 3 years after dancing professionally for 6 years. Laila currently holds an ERYT-200 designation with the Yoga Alliance and teaches primarily vinyasa and power classes. She has also trained and facilitated several teacher trainings. Her classes are said to be challenging in all the best ways. Laila hopes that students leave her class feeling empowered both on and off of the yoga mat!
Susannah began her Pilates career teaching at Winsor Pilates in 1998, and earned a Romana’s Pilates certification under Romana Kryzanowska in 2002, and trained personally with Jay Grimes for 8 years. Susannah helped choreograph and performed in the Winsor Pilates worldwide successful video workout series. After performing in countless DVDs with Mari Winsor, she branched out on a new venture with an up and coming company, Pilatesstick. Susannah created, starred and produced two DVDs for Pilatesstick, and was featured in Pilatesstyle magazine and on “TV Guide’s” Hollywood Bodies and Hollywood’s Hard Bodies for her work with “The Stick.” Susannah also worked with Gaiam creating Mari Winsor’s Slimming Pilates, writing fitness blogs and performing in Pilates videos. Susannah's fitness articles have been featured in The HuffingtonPost.com and she has been featured in various online fitness articles. Susannah also holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Performing Arts from St. Mary’s College of California. Susannah and Sam Cotrone opened Cotrone Pilates in 2013, a fully equip Gratz Studio located in West Hollywood and launched their Cotrone Pilates Certification Program in 2018. Susannah can be seen performing Pilates nearly anywhere in the world via Instagram, FB or past Pilates videos, and teaching Pilates is her life’s work. She relishes each lesson she has with her students, as a rewarding and worthy challenge.
Kelly is a Reiki Master and teacher who founded the Heartspace Healing Academy in 2018 after 6 years of private practice. She is an author, speaker, artist, renaissance woman, and empowerment coach who lives fully and loves to see others do the same. She has studied with spiritual leaders around the world including learning the ancient tradition of cacao ceremony from Mayan elders and hands on healing with other indigenous elders. Kelly is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help people connect with themselves and community, rise above fear to live in alignment, break through limiting beliefs, shine and create the lives of their dreams. Kelly works with individuals and groups for healings, trainings, and ceremonies. When not serving in her healing arts, she is making music, performing comedy, and expressing herself through dance.
Dr. Craig Martin has been in practice for 25 years as an astrologer and spiritual guide. He is the author of “Elemental Love Styles”, a guide for finding relationship success. As an interfaith minister and holistic healer, Dr. Craig has spent his life studying worldwide, cross-cultural, metaphysical practices. From those studies, he developed his unique approach to counseling and astrology. Find more information at https://www.sageofstars.com/
ABOUT HEIDI NORDLUND, AD, TCP, YT Spiritual Healer and Guide, Ayurvedic Doctor, Yoga Therapist, Tibetan Cranial Practitioner, Postpartum Specialist, Pancha Karma Technician  Heidi Nordlund invites you to experience abundant vitality and vibrant health. Heidi excels in her practice of Spiritual Healing which she skillfully combines with her vast knowledge of Indian Healing Arts. For 22 years, Heidi travelled around the world to study and pursue the knowledge of masters in Ayurveda, Spiritual Healing, Yoga and Meditation. From her travels, she has obtained great knowledge and sensible application for authentic healing work.  Heidi has also put a lot of effort into her own spiritual development and overall health with highly developed yoga poses, daily 7-hour meditations, days-long meditation retreats, hours of study in scripture and ancient text, mantra recitation, the practice of self-love and forgiveness, and extensive review of previous-life regressions and their processes that allow for present and future health and healing. Heidi is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Doctor who has completed the most advanced Ayurvedic training available in the United States from Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula in Boulder, CO. Heidi has multiple degrees in Ayurvedic Medicine and is a Professional Member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and has served on the NAMA committee for the development of the AD Exam. She has earned certifications from the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque with Vasant Lad in herbal medicine (Dravyaguna Vijnan), clinical practicum, pulse reading (Nadi Vijnan) and healing of vital energy points (Marma Chikitsa). After completing two years of educational training in the rare ancient healing art of Tibetan Cranial with Master Teacher and Lineage Holder Shar Lee Lee, Heidi has since 2008 helped thousands of people heal from headaches, whiplash, neck pain, jaw issues, concussions, head trauma and injuries. As a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Heidi offers Yoga Therapy with a strong Ayurveda influence. Following the classical tradition of individualized yoga practice, Heidi formulates recommendations based on your particular constitution and imbalances. Her journey into health and healing began when she was 13 years old. Heidi was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and used yoga to strengthen and heal her body. Her passion for yoga led her to Nepal where she received her Yoga Teacher Certificate from Sushil Bhattacharya in 1998. Her thirst for meditation brought her to Kriya Yoga, and in 1999 she was initiated into the lineage of Paramahansa Hariharananda. Heidi's dedicated meditative practice opened her heart, taught her the power of prayer, and invoked within her the triple Divine qualities of Sound, Light and Vibration. Heidi's assortment of healing techniques are a practice that consistently enhances and vitalizes the overall well-being of her clients. Hers is a practice built upon her many years of devotion and training.   Heidi currently offers individual sessions, workshops, and online-courses, and yoga instruction in Colorado and beyond. She is passionate about guiding you to live life to its fullest and best potential. If you are ready to manifest your optimal self, Heidi is ready to empower, to assist, and to rejuvenate you in that pursuit.  “Heidi is absolutely amazing! I can honestly say that she changed my life.” Rebecca B., Denver, CO
Ella Mesma is the published author of Journal to Joy and director of award winning company Business Yoga (Prestige award 2020). Ella is a teacher, a coach and a dance artist. Business Yoga is a workplace wellness concept offering online and in person sessions designed to empower staff to look after themselves and support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos. In order to help companies and staff combat stress and the pressure of deadlines, Business Yoga 23onMe classes, 23onMe productivity timer and 23onMe membership offer short sharp solutions to embed good practise without taking up too much time. Ella has been practising yoga since 2004, and been teaching since 2011. She trained with Embodied Dancer Yoga Teacher Training, Karam Kriya School & Yoga Teachers College® and practises Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & Yoga Trapeze. As a trained dancer, performance highlights have included Russell Maliphant Company, Lea Anderson (The Chomondeleys), Olympics Opening Ceremony, Southpaw and Uchenna. She is also director of international touring Ella Mesma Dance Company.
Sera has been a lifetime student and accomplished teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda. She has been blessed with teachers who have searched classically for the patterns of the Universe and Spirit. Her studies and experiences in the realms of Yoga, Mantra, and Ayurveda all serve to assist in increasing her depth, sensitivity, and simplicity in ways she lives and practices. Her primary source training has allowed her to be a dynamic teacher and facilitator of the modern age. She is fluent in human physical and psychological mechanics and thus can adjust sequences, lectures, and treatment plans rapidly to accommodate individuals' present needs. In classes we will focus on the science behind the relationships between the body, the mind, and their bridges. We will be most observant of the flow of prana – how and where it moves and does not move in posture and how it relates – or does not – with consciousness. Using the paradigms of Ha-tha Yoga and Ayurveda we will explore our capacity to be both strong and flexible, moving and still, Ha and Tha, and of course, migrate in the direction of steady appreciation and holistic awareness. My goal is to contextualize things that are often taught in broad strokes without context. From this place, it is possible to go deep instead of only wide. When we are aware of context our work is more personalized and profound and thus the impact we have on the people with whom we work will be that much more powerful and in service. By studying and/or working with me you will gain a personal understanding of Yoga and Ayurveda in a way that is usable, approachable, and Classically based.
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