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Mon Jan 11 at 03:30 pm EDT
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About This Class
There are so many varieties of how people talk to “Spirit”. Spirit meaning souls that are no longer in a physical body. Join Dr. Brooke Higgins (Medical Intuitive) and Marisa Meddin (Psychic Medium) as they answer a variety of questions around Spirit and the difference between how they work with Spirit. This will be conversational with time allotted to ask questions in regards to how each of them work.

Marisa Meddin Bio:

Marisa is a psychic medium, where she communicates with those who ...See All
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Hi. I'm Marisa. Business school student and ex-corporate girl who discovered life as an entrepreneur, intuitive healer, clarity coach, and medium. My mission is to help others heal & live a life in alignment so that we can all live more freely and joyfully.
Atlanta, USA
Marysville, USA
My fascination with the human form led me to be a very active, observant, inquirer about being human, and I continually learn to love all it is! I have studied thought, form, emotion, and how we express all of these elements throughout our lifetime. A philosopher of sorts, I became a yoga practitioner in 1999, and after twenty years as a certified yoga instructor/therapist, I now combine a colorful array of tools individually appropriated to help you develop more loving ways of living! We can express this with movement, voice, frequency shifts that support your growth, personal, private, and hands-on energy influences, or online readings with full engagement between our highest selves to accommodate more free-flowing and willful ways to create an uplifting life!
Billings, USA