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Areas of Expertise
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Victoria, Canada
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Owner and Operator of Concussion Resolution, Jenna Howe has been providing health and wellness services for more than 20 years. In 2003 Jenna began treating post-concussion syndrome which has become her specialty. In 2011, upon completion of her degree in Psychology, Jenna relocated to Vancouver Island where she continues to advance her career in concussion recovery.

In private practice, Jenna utilizes Bowen Therapy, Neurokinetic Therapy, and Yoga Therapy, supplemented with her skills in Concussion Health, Sport Nutrition, and Exercise Rehabilitation to effectively reduce or eliminate the symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome along with other conditions including ...See All


Diploma of Manual Osteopathic Practitioner
BA Psychology
Diploma Fitness Lifestyle Management
Diploma in the Bowen Technique
Master Level Neurokinetic Therapist
Certificate in Yoga Therapy
Concussion Health Certified
Certified Pain Specialist

Experience and Distinctions

Jenna has been successfully treating the symptoms of post concussion syndrome since 2003. Clients range from all ages, acute injury to chronic PCS, as well as sport related to MVA related concussions.

In 2009 Jenna was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio, 2013, Jenna was featured in Canadian Living magazine in an article Dreams To Go and 2014 was invited to speak and demonstrate her work on a local health related television show.

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Do you experience muscle pain, joint pain, chronic headaches, digestive issues? New found food allergies? Reduced ability to recover from exercise or injuries? Does it feel like you're playing whack a mole with your symptoms? Invisible Inflammation can affect many areas of the body contributing to chronic pain and injury. This webinar will help you understand what invisible inflammation is and how you can identity its role in your life. Jenna will take your through easy to understand information as well as lifestyle tips that you can implement in your day to day life to help reduce systemic inflammation.
For those who purchased the original lecture, this is a quick update to cover a few points that didn't get covered as much in the first lecture
This 6 week webinar series will dive into several topics contributing to chronic pain. We will cover areas such as how systemic inflammation and it's effect on pain, postural considerations, emotions and pain, the lymphatic system, gut health and more. The easy to understand content will guide you into understanding what could be contributing to your pain and/or chronic injuries or illness. Each week will be a separate topic with a homework plan for you to work on.
Jenna Howe
Health & Wellness > Other
Recorded: Dec 28, 2017 at 12:55 pm EDT
Have you ever wondered what certain injury patterns might mean? Derived from Eastern Medicine principles we will review the energetic properties of concussions. Join me for this short lecture where we explore Chakras, Vayu's and Kosha's and how they relate to Post Concussion Syndrome and what you can do to balance your energy system.
Are you a Bowen Therapist or other healthcare practitioner who is currently or planning on working with patients with post concussion syndrome? This webinar is designed to provide you with important information necessary for those who are co managing concussion patients. We will be reviewing case studies, discussing acute vs. chronic cases, when to refer to other professionals and to whom. Having a comprehensive understanding of what your patients are experiencing along with the tools to support them in their healing process is essential when working with this demographic..